Castillo Nº 8, 1º Izq. 03724 Moraira (Alicante)
(+34) 965 74 33 17

About Us

ROMEU & PARTNERS SOLICITORS is a company established and set up with the purpose of offering a complete and professional legal service to the highest standards.

Our lawyer’s office is specialized in amongst other things:
Legal and Fiscal representations and advisement for residents and non residents.

Experts in Property purchase law

All property planning matters.

Wording of private documents, sales documents.

Execution of works documents and all rental agreements.

Writing of Wills and Inheritance laws.

Setting up and management of companies.

This solicitor’s office has a team of four professionals. We also work directly with economists and fiscal advisers, all of them being able to speak in several languages such as Spanish, English and German. The teams are managed by the lawyer Juan Romeu Llobell, who is specialized in private law (Civil), graduated at University of Valencia in 1995 and with Professional Association Member number 4.656.

Our office offers you a professional, honest and dedicated service to the highest possible level. We are pleased to work on your behalf.

Juan Romeu Llobell was born in 1970 in Moraira. He has lived all his life in this town (except the years when he studied Law in the city of Valencia) together with his family and therefore has an excellent working relationship with all other professionals within this area. Juan Romeu Llobell also has very good relationships with many of the estate agencies, lawyers, banks, Town halls and thanks to his local knowledge is able to help many transactions run more smoothly. We aim to offer the most efficient and professional service to all our clients.

ROMEU & PARTNERS Solicitors, either directly or through its direct collaborates specialized in other legal matters will carry out diligent all the necessary steps and procedures in order to sort out all the legal issues in any matter offering a immediate practical vision for the solution of all your problems using our legal knowledge and experience.